Originally a ballet school graduate of the Hungarian Dance Academy and The Finnish National Ballet school I look to expand on any given movement concept and investigate the anatomical fantasy that shapes the reality of individual body and mind in movement.  

I want to find ways to enrich my movement vocabulary. I aim to build an archive of tools, experiences and memories through research in connection with multidisciplinary artists. As an individual artist still looking to belong and share in a community my priority is on understanding the artistically interesting ways of movement and genre specific ways to convey an idea outwards in the structure of performance art and theatre. 

Current themes revolve around deconstructing and putting on display the patterns of our society as a highly sharing and communicative species needing to better oneself and the systems we have constructed around us. As a choreographer and dancer I am interested in opposites as a base for a conflict. Duality gives me a reason to tackle a creative task; I use polarisation as a base to approach the performative aspect of putting the arts on a stage.

I take on the popular styles with the notion of finding the contents that make them special and worthwhile to experience. I balance between the serious and carefree creating through intuition melding a multitude of different genres and creative needs.

After a three year contract in the Gárdonyi Géza Theatre of Eger and the Eger Dance Company, from September 2019 Joni is based in Vienna as a freelance dancer, choreographer, teacher and artist attending projects and productions on the Austrian and the European dance field.


The next Mind. Your Body. -workshop

Feb: Egmont in Theater an der Wien 17.2.-26.2.2020

June:  Die Geschenke der Nacht  19.-22.6.2020 Styriarte - The Styrian Music Festival

Aug:  Boris Godunov  20.8.-28.8  Salzburg Festspiele 2020


Past events:

Spring 2019 "Sunset" the new film by László Nemes released

Sept 2019 "Angels in America" with Neue Oper Wien - Link

Dec 2019 "The Hall" Residency Showing of Hintergedanke

Nov 2019 Body (in) Construction workshop in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Link

Jan 2020: Raw Matters performance evening 13.01.2020, Solo with Christoph Punzmann

Jan 2020: Hintergedanke performance in Brick-5, Erbsenfabrik Wien 16.01.2020

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