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Dance is the bridge for the connection between the physicality and creativity in my body-mind and soul. Dance allows me to understand ideas and feelings way beyond the translative power of my inner monologue. Imagination is an unstoppable alchemic process. I see dance as an exchanging relationship between what's conscious and what's still stirring in the unconscious yearning to be realised. Dance makes me feel fulfilled and belong in its sense of purpose. I am simultaneously the painter and the painting.

I believe in classical training as a base, which is enlarged by the creative process of witty play between creator's conscious and unconscious abilities to decide what needs to be asked and told.

Creating, choreographing, dancing and producing is my way for human creativity to be let out and experienced. Being part of a community can be taken further with asking the right questions, even better if the right questions are heard and possibly even answered by the naturally curious people around us. Right surroundings can build us up as a collective and as individuals.

I look forward for a physical joint venture, a high-definition sensational broadcast; on- and off-stage with colleagues, with students, with people who are enthusiastic about life, art and community.

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Theatre Gárdonyi Géza Season 2016-2019 & The Dance Company:

Contemporary Ballet, Modern, Character dances, Improvisation, Pas de Deux, in addition singing and acting. Tasks as a soloist, corps de ballet, and duets. Plus all of the operettas and musicals by the theatre company.

    The Hungarian Rhapsody by Tamás Topolánszky, soloist, Ferenc Erkel

    Playground, the dance fantasy for youthful by Tamás Topolánszky, Soloist, Colour Blue

    The Tragedy of Man by Tamás Topolánszky, soloist, Adam of Egypt & London

    Kamaszok and Képzeld Beteg by Zoltán Grecsó

    Straight Labyrinth by Máté Mészáros 

    Carnations & Roses by Clébio Oliviera

All operas, operettas and musicals by the Theatre:

   Csínom Palkó, Liliom, The Shop Around the Corner, Summer of Old Times,

   Die Csárdásfürstin, Man of La Mancha, Zsrinyi 1566, Baroness Lili, Fairy Mira

Also all the Eger city New Year's Galas with Eger Philharmonic

Together with:

Inverse Dance: Traviata by Tamás Topolánzsky & Zoltán Fodor,  Dr. Grenvil(understudy) & corps season 2016-2018

Miskolc Ballet: Anna Karenina by László Velekei, corps, understudy for the role of Levin, season 2016-2018

Nemes László film: Sunset, roles as: Cadet, Hungarian Middle Class, Dancing Soldier


Finnish National Ballet Season 2012-2013:

La Bayadère, Le Corsaire, Snow Queen

Szeged Contemporary Ballet:

Josephslegende by Tamás Juronics season 2014

Budapest's Liszt Academy Production:

The Magic Flute by Tamás Juronics season 2014-15


Pori Dance Company:

2011-2012 on and off -stage, performance & tour assistant for the director Liisa Nojonen. Creations by Jorma Uotinen, Tero Saarinen, Marjo Kuusela, Jung-Eun Kim, Geon Hyauk Jin


Urban Patterns, Műhély Alápítvány candidate 2017

In Vivo, International Dance Gala, Pori, Finland 2017 

Szürkület, Hungarian Dance Academy's choreography competition 3rd place, 2014

Echo/Kaiku (excerpt), NextStep Exhibition 2013 

Echo/Kaiku, Artist in close up -festival, Helsinki, Finland 2012

Rapscallion, for the Finnish National Ballet School Christmas Matiné in Alminsali, Finland 2012


2017-Present, Modern dance teacher, choreographic, improv and partnering workshops. Dedicated to the assistance in personal creative discovery with the young dance students 

Dance School Nojonen; Pori, Finland, Podium Ballet School; Eger, Hungary.



Classical ballet, Modern, Pas de deux, improvisation

Hungarian Dance Academy (HDA) Class of:

György Szakály, Gábor Keveházi, Tatiana Vdovicheva, Wiesław Dudek, Tamás Topolánszky, Noemi Kulcsár


Classical ballet, Modern, Pas de deux, Mats Ek repertoire, improvisation, Flamenco, Pilates, Body conditioning

Finnish National Opera Ballet School Taught by: 

Timo Kokkonen, Yannick Boquin, Jorma Uotinen, Kenneth Greve, Saima Kranig, Sándor Nemethy, Veli-Pekka Peltokallio, Minna Tervamäki, Ulla-Mari Mäkelä, Nina Hyvärinen, Leena Kalk, Jarkko Niininen, Riku Lehtopolku

Summer Courses & Workshops with various international choreographers and teachers:

Alexander Korobko, Alonzo King, Béla Földi, Eldad Ben Sasson, Fabrice Edelmann, Ildiko Pongor, János Misurák, Jose Carlos Blanco Martinez, Konstantin Karin, Meri Tankka, Mikko Lampinen, Neel Verdoorn, Pál Lovas, Peter Breuer, Riikka Tankka, Russell Adamson, Susanna Leinonen

Creative Endeavours:

See also my Evidance Realisation -project, which has it's roots in dance art's ability to communicate through international boundaries and languages. I've had the pleasure to work and co-exist with a multitude of amazing creative people. I specialise in connecting people and thus allowing the creative people to meet just the right people they need to produce a choreography, festival programme, a company tour or a workshop. I am invigorated by allowing creativity and creation to take other forms that are above me through my connecting abilities.

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