Joni Österlund is a moving individual, whose craft focuses on the medium of dance and theatre of physicality. Human motion and choreography is of high interest.

Joni completed the Hungarian Dance Academy receiving a Bachelor's degree in Art with a specialization in Classical Ballet. Prior he also attended the Finnish National Opera's Ballet School for the vocational diploma.

During the seasons 2016-2019 Joni has worked as a dancer of the Gárdonyi Géza theatre in Eger, Hungary and has thus co-worked with Miskolc Ballet in Anna Karenina and with INVERSEDANCE in Traviata.

Beginning September 2019 Joni is based in Vienna as a professional dancer and attending projects and productions on the Austrian as well as choreographing and teaching in the European dance field.

The release of the new film by László Nemes, Sunset, which Joni partook was released in Hungary August 2018 and the rest of the Europe in Spring 2019

Body (in) Construction classes and workshops

“The Body (in) Construction"-classes focus on the curious mentality of reconstructing and deconstructing the bodily information. The class explores the different ways of using and being aware of the kinetic and potential energy already present in the body and how to generate it.

The class builds upon improvisatory vocabulary to awaken the ever-changing awareness and understanding for body's inner spaces, distances, structures and sensations. The wide range of varied physical tasks spark the growth of artistry through discovery and investigation of a physical phenomena. The class goes from basics into the field of advanced physicality by adding elements and components on one another. Once the state of mind and body is redirected into skilfully conducting the sensations inside the physical structure a set of choreographic material is explored allowing individual artistic expression, timing and quality of movement.

September 2019 "Angels in America" with Neue Oper Wien - Link

Body (in) Construction workshop in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Link

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