Currently working with the Biophilia Hypothesis.  The working group: Christoph Punzmann,  Mikael Korkee & Sara De Santis is collecting and generating the base material in the medium of performative arts. 

29.04.2020 On the National Dance Day 29th of April we performed in an un-rehearsed, experimentative, spontanious and light-hearted (and slightly profane) live-feed through the Viennese collective together with Sara De Santis & Christoph Punzmann due to having the original TanzTag 2.0 performance gala in WUK, Wien postponed.  Video can be viewed here for a limited time: FB page

Due to the current situation all the performances in Austria are postponed or cancelled until the end of June 2020.

April: (POSTPONED to 23-25th of October): Jury member and guest teacher in Grand Jeté International Dance Awards.

April: (POSTPONED to 2021) Opening of Museum Quartier's Libelle with Choreography from Sara De Santis: a dance creation with multimedia art

June: (CANCELLED) Die Geschenke der Nacht  19.-22.6.2020 Styriarte - The Styrian Music Festival

Aug(POSTPONED TO SUMMER 2023):  Boris Godunov  20.8.-28.8  Salzburg Festspiele 2020


Joni Österlund, 

born in Finland, Pori is a dancer and choreographer living in Vienna since 2019. 

The dancer started his training with the Dance School Liisa Nojonen  while closely connected to Pori Dance Company under the directorship of Liisa Nojonen.

Advancing to study in the Finnish National Ballet School he worked with Jorma Uotinen (Black Water), Kenneth Greve (Snow Queen) learning  also parts from Mats Ek’s Swan Lake

After receiving a scholarship to attend dance masterclasses in Salzburg from Peter Breuer, Ildiko Pongor and
Fabrice Edelmann Joni was offered a chance to complete a Bachelor degree in Classical Ballet in Budapest’s Hungarian Dance Academy while dancing  in works from Tamás Juronics (Magic Flute), Guyla Harangozó (Square Concert) and Seregi László (Sylvia, Faust).

During the years 2016-2019 Joni danced in a multitude of musicals, operettas and contemporary ballet evenings with the Eger Dance Company in Gardonyí Géza Theatre in the city of Eger, Hungary directed by Tamás Topolánszky.

Artistic Statement

The dancer and choreographer aims to build an archive of tools, experiences and memories through research in connection with multidisciplinary artists. As an individual artist still looking to belong and share in a community Österlund's priority is on understanding the artistically articulate ways of movement and its genre specific ways to convey an idea outwards in the structure of performance art and theatre.

Current themes revolve around deconstructing and putting on display the patterns of our society as a highly sharing and communicative species needing to better oneself and the systems we have constructed around us. The interest is in opposites as a base for a conflict. Duality gives a reason to tackle a creative task; Österlund uses polarisation as a base to approach the performative aspect of putting the arts on display. 

Österlund balances between the serious and carefree creating dance through intuition while melding a multitude of different genres and creative expertise while discovering the unexpected.


Past events:

Spring 2019 "Sunset" the new film by László Nemes released

Sept 2019 "Angels in America" with Neue Oper Wien - Link

Dec 2019 "The Hall" Residency Showing of Hintergedanke

Nov 2019 Body (in) Construction workshop in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Link

Jan 2020: Raw Matters performance evening 13.01.2020, Solo with Christoph Punzmann

Jan 2020: Hintergedanke performance in Brick-5, Erbsenfabrik Wien 16.01.2020

Feb: Egmont in Theater an der Wien 17.2.-26.2.2020

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