Joni Österlund is a moving individual, whose craft focuses on the medium of dance and theatre of physicality. Human motion and choreography is of high interest.

Joni attended the Hungarian Dance Academy receiving a Bachelor's degree in Art with a specialization in Classical Ballet. Prior he also attended the Finnish National Opera's Ballet School vocationally. 

During the seasons 2016-2018 Joni has worked as a dancer of the Gárdonyi Géza theatre in Eger, Hungary and has thus co-worked with Miskolc Ballet in Anna Karenina and with INVERSEDANCE in Traviata.

The spring 2017 concluded in a co-choreography with Karolina Tóth. The piece "In Vivo" premiered in a dance gala in Pori, Finland on 28th of May.

The season 2016-2017 closed with a performance of Anna Karenina as a part of the Hungarian Dance Festival in Győr on 22nd of June. 

Summer will be spent along lines of private project work as well as a movie project.

A contemporary movement workshop will be held together with Attila Emődi in Pori, Finland beginning from 14th of August.

More creative, physical work follows with a new season in beginning of Autumn 2018.

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